students pose on the steps of a UT building

Last Monday and Tuesday, students enrolled in PCSD (Personal Career and School Development) classes were invited to attend a field trip to the University of Tampa campus. 

According to course instructor Mrs. Spivey, the experience began with a presentation by UT, which detailed the university's history, programs, and campus life. Students were informed about UT’s athletic, extracurricular, and financial aid opportunities.

After the presentation, students were led into small groups for an hour-long walking tour with a personal UT tour guide, featuring visits to the dining hall, chapel, library, and other academic buildings. BDCHS students were able to briefly watch in-session classes, including a stock trading course. Field trip attendees also visited a dorm room, and learned about UT’s expected expansion for a “multipurpose building”, with the site intended to be half residential and half academic spaces.

Toward the end, students were given “swag bags” containing extra UT information and a pair of sunglasses. There were also information cards for interested students to remain in touch with the university. Mrs. Spivey remarked that after the trip students had voiced interest in future college visits, with some expressing newfound interest in applying to UT.

As Mrs. Spivey put it, PCSD aims to prepare senior students for “adulting”: academically, professionally, and personally. Lesson topics have included career research, time management, and mental health, to name a few. Mrs. Spivey says that she was pleased with the response toward the college visit experience, and is already brainstorming future trips for next year.

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