Alecs Asencio and Mr. Crenshaw attend All-State Choir Showcase

We are singing our congratulations to BDCHS junior, Alecs Asencio, for auditioning and performing in the high school All-State Choir. Asencio has always had a passion for music and the arts in general, participating in theater classes in the past, although this was his first year joining an official chorus class for the school. He sought to sing more advanced music with more advanced students, so he decided to audition for the All-State choir, where he was thoroughly tested on his music theory knowledge, vocabulary, and more through a written test. For the next part of the audition, Asencio notes that he was required to sight-sing - singing music he’s never read or heard before - which is extremely difficult for most, and he exceeded the requirements in order for him to continue to progress through the audition process. For the final stage of the audition, Asencio was given a number of songs to learn and perform, where he was assessed and passed with flying colors. After being accepted into the program, he was sent musical literature that he would be performing in the Florida All-State Tenor-Bass choir showcase that took place last week. While still unsure of his future career path, Asencio certainly considers pursuing music. Those interested in joining All-State next year may consult Mr. Crenshaw in the fall semester.

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