HOSA Students delivering a lecture on bleeding control, and students practicing packing gauze to a model wound to stop bleeding.

On Monday, students Addison Cuasay and Tyler Sylvain visited Ms. McLean’s 2nd block to train students about bleeding control for their HOSA competition. In this competition, competitors were told to educate a group of people on an important health topic. Thus, the pair, along with the help of Nurse Klakring, decided that learning how to handle a blood injury -knowledge that is more and more important today- would be an excellent idea.  

The lesson had a few major goals. Primarily, Cuasay and Sylvain wanted students to learn the importance of blood kits, how to use them, and how to address a bleeding emergency. Students were taught using many different methods which included a brief lecture, online course, Kahoot, bleeding control demonstration, and a group activity/race (many including incentives) pictured below. Students also participated in a pre-survey which tested their prior knowledge of blood kits. Though their pre-survey knowledge was initially limited, by the end of the lesson (via post-survey), many students were able to see that their knowledge largely grew when it came to blood kits. 

Sophomore Sa’Niya Long-Brown sat down with us and gave her opinion on this experience stating,"My favorite part about the amazing experience was the hands-on activities we did to actually show us what to do in the situation of someone bleeding and how to take control of the problem. I also enjoyed the video slides we watched because it gave more intel about different situations someone might need help and how to properly take care of wounds until medical personnel can arrive. Overall I thought it was an incredible experience and very helpful to be aware of about situations with bleeding.”

Students were also encouraged to take an in-person “Stop the Bleed” class to receive a certificate and reinforce the knowledge taught by the lesson. Whether you are a parent, student, teacher or administrator, HOSA recommends anyone of all ages to educate themselves on how to address a blood injury. 

Those interested in learning more about the lesson or starting the journey to getting certified may reach out to sklakring@bdchs.org. One can also visit the “Stop the Bleed” website at https://www.stopthebleed.org/training/online-course/ to take the online course. 

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