First, second, and third place winning entries.

In early September, BDCHS art students participated in the local Title VI High School Art Competition. Art Instructor Mrs. Mitchell had all of her students design an art piece in whatever medium they liked. Then, BDCHS teachers reviewed the pieces and voted on which ones they believed should be submitted to the competition. Recently announced winning pieces included works by Gahyun Kim, Serene Abulhaija, and Harrison Lee who took the spots of first, second, and third place. We talked to each student asking the inspiration behind those pieces.

Kim’s first place artwork shows a little girl at the hands and will of others. When asking her the inspiration, she said she wanted to base her piece off of colonization and appropriation in the modern world. 

Abulhaija took second place. Serene told us she had observed many different Native American art pieces and found her inspiration within artist Thomas Blackshear. More specifically his piece “A Common Thread”. Serene took her own take on this to show the uniqueness behind many different tribes as well as their unification as the indigenous population.

Lastly but certainly not least, we talked with Lee, the winner of third place. He wanted his artwork to capture the beauty of Native American dance. Thus, Lee referenced a Native American dance from a festival and used different techniques and specific clothes to showcase the beautiful flowy movement.

Although each piece is vastly different, all demonstration unique aspects of Native Americans culture. 

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