Eva Hinsz with a kitten at the Humane Society

Eva Hinsz has had a passion for helping animals ever since she was little. As soon as she turned 16 she changed that dream to a reality by joining the crew of Humane Society. Now two years later she's almost a pro when it comes to their care. In fact, she recently received Volunteer of the Quarter which recognizes her dedication to organization. 

One of her favorite aspects of volunteering has been holding animals as they wake up from surgery. As many know, the Human Society rehabilitates all kinds of animals. Many of them come in dealing with life threatening conditions. Almost immediately after they find these animals they are rushed into surgery. Hinsz directly works with these doctors helping them throughout the surgery, and right after these animals wake up, Hinsz is still there. 

From surgery to rehabilitation Hinsz does all that she can to help these innocent creatures—even when it means taking out feeding tubes. Yet, the joy that she finds when rewarding the cats with treats and dogs with peanut butter immediately takes away any regrets plaguing her mind. 

Hinsz wants her commitment to encourage others to join their community and become a volunteer. Anyone can donate their time, money, or chew toys to change the life of these beautiful creatures. 

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