Students volunteer for hurricane relief

Riley Rabon knew this volunteer activity was going to be the most important yet. She had been volunteering on-and-off at both Feeding Tampa Bay and Community Food Pantry, showing her the importance of small acts of kindness as well as helping others; thus, following the devastation of Hurricane Ian, Rabon knew she had to help her community. Its devastation forced many people out of their homes: away from food, power, and shelter, which is why last Saturday, Rabon gathered up fellow impassioned BDCHS students Nowmi Iftekhar, Sneha Joseph, Isra Siddiqui, Ryan Rabon, and Kim Guerro to join her in sorting food. Within two hours, they made 2,000 boxes to give out to those in need. Knowing that she was giving a helping hand and spending time with her friends made this a great experience, she went on to say that “the atmosphere is pretty fun, the staff are approachable and play music and it's a great way to help out and make friends”. Students looking for volunteer opportunities can always consider volunteering at the food pantries.