SOCA members serving and enjoying food from the potluck; Students learning from the University of South Florida’s Students for a Democratic Society Program.

The Students of Color Association (SOCA) strives to endorse equality and equity for all students at BDCHS. Here is a recap of their most recent meetings and events:

On Wednesday, Sept. 21, the University of South Florida’s Students for a Democratic Society came to speak with SOCA. There, they discussed the purpose and process of protesting, as well as the journey towards social justice. USF’s Office of Multicultural Affairs has had a standing partnership with SOCA, and used this meeting to promote USF’s initiative to increase enrollment of minority students, and for all students to view USF as a safe and welcoming environment.

That Saturday, the SOCA hosted their annual picnic potluck at the Downtown Riverwalk on Sept. 24. This year’s picnic featured a scavenger hunt, and students ventured to the Tampa Art Museum nearby, which offered discounts to students taking Dual Enrollment classes. The picnic fosters community among teachers, students, and the BDCHS community.

On Oct. 5, SOCA featured guest speaker Andreina Marin-Simmons, a Hispanic pilot and real estate agent. Marin-Simmons spoke about immigrating to America while not speaking a word of English, and climbing her way through making connections and striving for success. She highlighted the importance of goal setting and reaching for what may have seemed socially unattainable. Students walked away saying they felt a sense of empowerment and inspiration.

SOCA has multiple events coming up, with more information coming soon. Interested in joining SOCA? Contact Ms. Mitchell ( for more information.

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