Students look over their new laptops

BDCHS is all about helping students succeed. One way the school has contributed to this is by providing each student with their own personal laptop. The students take the laptop home with them each day and throughout the remainder of their high school career, they even get to keep it when they graduate. This is a major step towards helping students who may not have the same access to technology as everyone else, as well as keeping everyone on the same page in terms of learning in classrooms. Students are responsible for the laptop being charged and accounted for each day (if the laptop breaks it is the student’s responsibility to pay for the damages). However it is required that the student’s family fills out the 22-23 BDCHS Student/Family Forms located in the Family Portal on the school website ( In this form, the parent/student will agree to the terms listed in the form, which states the fees for damage and further information on the subject. As of August 23rd, 590-600 computers have been distributed to students, according to Andy Diel, IT Department. Mr. Diel also mentions that there is no deadline for receiving laptops, as new students are enrolled throughout the year. August 23rd was the last day that administration set up the laptops to be claimed, but students are able to set up an appointment with Mr. Diel or Mr. Hunn in cases of claiming or fixing laptops.

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