CLiC Leaders Visiting freshman homerooms

Last Friday, BDCHS CLiC Leaders debuted in their freshman homerooms, ready to help the incoming class have a stable year. Headed by Mr. Allen, CLiC stands for “Cultivating Leadership, Intentional Culture”, and is an upperclassmen-help-underclassmen program. This week's CLiC activity was centered around better understanding and getting to know the new students, via a beach ball game that allowed the students to open up to one another. It’s safe to say that the homeroom visits were a success and received well by the class of 2026!

For CLiC Leaders who do not have a freshman homeroom, if you wish to participate in one, message Mr. Allen. You can also contact him via email at

CLiC leaders look forward to continuing their visits to freshman homerooms, helping to make Brooks DeBartolo a comfortable environment for the underclassmen.

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