Photo of the lumanarias at Raymond James Stadium

This year, BDCHS made a splash at Relay for Life at Raymond James Stadium. Hundreds of students participated in the event, with clubs featuring Morgan’s Message, Crochet Club, and Sociedad Honoraría Hispánica chipping in at the event to show their support.

In the months leading up to Relay, BDCHS Relay Student Ambassadors would tune in to bimonthly meetings that involved hosting a dialogue with event leads along with ambassadors from other schools. Meetings coordinated every facet of Relay, and ambassadors were given designated roles and responsibilities during the event.

For clubs like Morgan’s Message and Sociedad Honoraría Hispánica, this is not their first Relay. Morgan’s Message Club Founder and President Addison Cuasay says “we realized that we could make a big impact and bring about cancer awareness”, so they were quick to brainstorm ideas on how to help. In the weeks leading up to Relay, BDCHS Morgan’s Message raised money via a bake sale, with the proceeds immediately going to Relay for Life supplies, with the remainder of proceeds going to the American Cancer Society. Later at the event, Morgan’s Message would make almost $1,000 dollars in free-squeezed lemonade sales. While Morgan’s Message was fundraising, BDCHS Student ambassadors got busy selling luminarias – bags that will be decorated and used in a ceremony to commemorate the life of a loved one battling cancer — at lunches as well. 

With over 100 people signing in — a record in this year’s relay – and 2nd in raising the most money, BDCHS made the top charts in Relay fundraising and attendance. At the moment, Relay For Life of Greater Tampa (which includes BDCHS) raised the most money in the nation, with well over $300,000 in donations.

Senior at BDCHS and Assistant Director of the North Tampa Team Chloe Phinney says “I really love being at Relay for Life: the positivity and the compassion … everyone supports each other” Chloe has been involved with Relay for years, and described appreciating the growth of the program. Chloe hopes to stay involved with Relay beyond high school, and is excited for the BDCHS winning streak to continue.

Attendees described it as “not only successful, but really fun!”, and an opportunity to form connections with other schools and organizations in the area, looking forward to it for years to come. Stay tuned for more Relay pictures and details in the BDCHS yearbook, available for purchase at

Interested in being a BDCHS Relay Ambassador? Reach out to Mrs. Jones.