Art students listening to a tour guide providing insight on one of Dalí’s pieces

Tuesday the 9th, students from AP Art and Drawing courses were invited to tour the Dalí Museum and Saint Pete Museum of History. While the Dalí trip has become a sort of “tradition” for art classes, it was BDCHS’ first official visit to the St. Pete History Museum. Attendees of the trips learned about the history of artists across history, such as the Florida Highwaymen from the Jim Crow era.

Before the trip, students in introductory drawing classes were focused on surrealism – Dalí’s signature art style. Aside from simply preparing students for the trip, it duly prepared students to enter their work into the annual Dalí High School Surrealism Contest, wherein winners will have their works showcased for 2 months beginning in February. Every year, at least one BDCHS student has had their work showcased.

Students described the trip as “insightful”, “intriguing”, and “meaningful”, as well as a great opportunity to see new artistic techniques in practice. For one of our students, it was their first time attending a museum. To Mrs. Mitchell, Exposure is all of the difference. “Art should be enjoyed by everyone, and everyone deserves that experience”. 

Up next for art students will be the Chihuly Collection and Morean Center for Clay for those enrolled in ceramics classes.