USF students and faculty educating BDCHS weight lifting students

BDCHS had the pleasure of collaborating with Dr. Sarah Lorie to give several USF students a chance to teach in BDCHS Weight Training classes through a course called the Highschool Methods Program (HMP). The HMP is a 2-year program that gives students the tools necessary to succeed as a PE teacher. Coach Salerno had gone through a similar course on his way to becoming a PE teacher with Dr. Lorie acting as his instructor throughout. 

In an interview with Coach Salerno, he said (of the program) “All the experiences have been positive. The USF students listen and teach well. It is a great learning experience for the USF students as well since they learn while they teach.” 

Dr. Lorie has been teaching at USF for 12 years and has been teaching this course for 10 years. In an interview, Dr. Lorie stated that teaching has room to improve, “so we get people who are really passionate about the youth. We’ve only got 9 of us coming in but the people who are there are dedicated to teaching and helping students like you.” 

When USF students were asked about their reasoning for stepping into Physical Education, one consistent answer was always about the passion for teaching the youth what they’ve learned. “I’ve always had a passion for working with kids and sports so it naturally drew me in. I'm excited to play and teach soccer to my future students.” said Coach Mercer. “I’ve played sports my whole life, particularly basketball and learned a lot of life lessons from my time playing and I'd love to share them with my class. I’m also pretty loud and I think I'd be good at yelling at kids too” commented Coach T.