Frida Kahlo Door Decorations, Hispanic Heritage Month Spirit Week Poster

This year, Hispanic Heritage month falls between September 15 and October 15, in reference to Mexico’s independence from Spain. BDCHS embraces this celebration inside and outside of the classroom. For starters, students taking Spanish classes have already begun decorating teachers' doors in preparation. Doors have donned flowers, flags, symbols, and drawings and biographies of famous Hispanic artists (e.g., Frida Khalo, pictured). Additionally, between October 2 and October 6, there will be a spirit week event for BDCHS students to dress as their favorite Hispanic icon, wear their favorite Hispanic team or sports player’s jersey, and don their favorite Hispanic country’s flags. Students participating in spirit week are eligible for extra credit in Spanish classes, and are encouraged to celebrate outside of school as well. 

“I want Hispanic Heritage month to teach more than just Cinco de Mayo and show an under-appreciated side of Hispanic culture” Señora Caraballo said in an interview “the month should be a chance for everyone to learn about the great people of the Hispanic community like Frida Khalo. If I could just get one thing across to everyone, it is that the Hispanic community has so much to offer and teach the people in the US.”