Meteorology prediction of Idalia’s trajectory

At 7:45 on August 30th, Hurricane Idalia had made landfall with winds measuring 75 mph according to reports. Although the impact has damaged the state, the Tampa area was lucky to have less severity, and a quick recovery in terms of resuming normal school operation. 

In terms of student responses to the hurricane, reactions varied. “I was terrified by the hurricane!” said sophomore Joaquin Acevedo, who detailed his struggles with the hurricane, “Stay safe out there, a hurricane ain’t nothin to mess with.” BDCHS students and staff had received 2 days off in the middle of the week. While the break was intended for storm safety, many students took this as an opportunity to catch up on work in the comfort of their home. A sophomore by the name of Haley Huynh was enthusiastic about the days off, stating “I could spend more time with my dog when she was scared! I hope everyone's dogs are okay!” With that, attached are some resources for assistance or additional information.

Disaster Relief Registration and Help 

Red Cross Support

Shelter Assistance

Food Aid

Hillsborough County Fire Department Assistance